Why Choose Us?

Turbotrim is a Weightloss Company

Turbotrim is a Weight and Health Care company that has an excellent reputation throughout southern Africa. 

It was established more than 26 years ago with a single-minded purpose of providing Natural Products that WORK at a reasonable price.

We market a wide range of products including Vitamins and Health products (Be-Healthy) and our main product line: Turbotrim

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Since our inception we decided to build Turbotrim on three pillars:

1) Excellent Natural Products,

2) Reasonable Price and 

3) Effective Support.

We spend an inordinate amount of time and money on research and ensuring that our products contain only the best natural ingredients and the result is incredible weight losses for our clients.

Weightloss is a difficult and lonely process and support is vital to help you through the difficult periods and give you positive feedback when you have success. 

Our products work extremely well, but we also know that we have to provide Understanding & Effective Support to ensure that our customers get the full benefit of our products. 

This is why we concentrate on direct marketing – selling directly to the public, instead of marketing via shops – they cannot give the support that you need.

Turbotrim insists on all three pillars:

Natural products that Work, Reasonable Price, Understanding & Effective Support

This three-pillar formula has brought Turbotrim where it is today – with thousands of customer sall over Southern Africa and overseas.

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" I promised myself that I wasn't going to weigh every day and that I was going to wait at least 2 weeks. 

Then on Monday morning I got on the scale and there it was!!! 10 kilos in just 2 weeks - I couldn't believe it - 

My husband didn't believe me. I weighed myself over and over - I think I weighed myself about 6 times just to make sure. 

I cannot tell you how happy I am. I've tried so many products through the years and finally I got one that works!!

You have made my day! You have made my year!! I cannot tell you how happy I am!" 

                                              Susan Theron -Bloemfontein

Sandi Sackstein
Founder Turbotrim

About Us

Sandi Sackstein,

Turbotrim Founder

Who are we?

Sandi Sackstein received her degree in BSC Occupational Therapy (Hons) in 1986, specializing in Stress Management and Behaviour Modification. 

She always had a weight problem and tried all the diets that she could find, but her weight losses always returned.

In 1994, after her second child was born, she, together with a chemist, developed her own weight loss program, and lost 22kg in only two and a half months. 

She has maintained this weight loss for over 25 years and has developed a holistic weight loss program, based on her training and experiences that has helped thousands of people to modify their stress and eating habits to permanently maintain their weight loss.

Sandi is passionate about helping people, and has run many courses, with groups, as well as one-to-one meetings to show that you can change your way of looking at your life, how you run your life, how to improve your life, the opportunities that come into your life, how to change your thinking about eating and food, how to eat well and easily maintain your weight, permanently!